Wednesday, November 28, 2012

princess tea party

here are a few images from miss rea mae's princess tea party to celebrate her four years of life! due to the rain i threw the party inside. i made princess tiaras from lace and painted them pink (birthday girl got gold) and sprinkled them with lots of glitter. each princess received one tiara, a butterfly ring, a pink boa and rea mae and i made sure the left with a little art to remind them of their value to the King of all Kings. i took the same paper that i  made her invites from and glued them to canvas'. little miss served her princess friends tea and they all ate pb and honey sandwiches cut in the shape of a tiara, fruit cups and kettle corn. instead of cupcakes or a cake we celebrated with trader joes mini ice cream cones. i also had a little butterfly cut out for them to decorate with glitter glue and sparkles. at one point all the little princesses migrated upstairs while the mommies enjoyed our own tea and quiche brunch and they had a little dance party. we also had her toy trunk full of all her princess dresses to share with anyone who wanted to dress up. they all put one on and then would exchange about five minutes later. it was for sure a "girl" party! it was quite cute. rea mae certainly enjoyed the whole princess tea party and having all her princess friends over to enjoy tea! 

Click here to enjoy a slideshow of the morning.

Friday, November 16, 2012

four years

four years ago today i became a mom to a special little girl. she has been our joy ever since. we love you miss rea mae and we can't believe you are four already!! click here to view our little one four years ago!

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's That Time of Year!!

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Wedding!

so last month i had the privilege of helping a friend of mine do the entire decor for her son's wedding. it sure was fun!! it was a rustic style wedding, so right up my alley! hubs and i were busy for weeks prior making chalkboards from plywood and framing them with old wood, among other projects, like sewing all their programs together. it was a for sure DIY and without the help of hubs and the groom's family and friends i wouldn't have been able to pull it all together with such ease. it was absolutely perfect from my end. i'm pretty sure it was for the bride and groom as well! enjoy!

i had made about 5 signs leading up the driveway to the location of the wedding. here was the last one they saw before heading into the grove. 
 we wrapped jars and jars with twine, burlap and lace for hanging in the trees and the centerpieces. these ones had rosemary and lavender in them. some had electric candles for the night. these ones lined the trees as the guests entered the ceremony amphitheater.
 this was where they could grab a program. 
 each one was hand cut and then hand stamped with the bride and groom initials and then sewn together by machine. 
 drink table. mason jars with cream and white paper straws
 the bride and groom had a special wine, so i made sure to make a chalkboard stating the cause of it. as well as their entire bar menu

 this was on their gift table to collect their cards.
 for their "guest book" we decided to do notes for the bride and groom. 
 i borrowed this old screen and put twine in between the slats and used mini clothes pins to hang. 
 each card was cut and hand stamped with the same image from their wedding invites. the pencils look like tree branches and i placed them in a rusted bucket that were actually from my wedding day!
 the seating chart was a linen pin board i made from plywood, a roll of cork, and linen. the cards were hand stamped and the names of everyone were listed in the same font that was used in their invitations.
 each table was set with a linen table cloth and white napkin from La Tavola! the centerpieces were cut tree stumps with three different sized mason jars wrapped in burlap, twine and lace. all the flowers were different "wildflower" type flowers by SR Hogue. And the table numbers were stamped on a kraft tag with the same stamp as the seating chart.
 the ceremony. look at that ocean view. each girl had a different cream dress of their choice and all different types of bouquets. they all looked stunning. the groomsmen all had white shirts, khaki pants, and suspenders. it was a perfect look!
 the 4 ft menu i created from plywood, old fencing wood, and chalkboard paint. i wrote all the chalkboards so my handwriting definitely was put to the test!
 we did a kids table with little kids chairs and shorter table. we also hired babysitters to help with the kids so the parents could enjoy the reception. 
 the bride and groom table. i brought special chairs just for them and created hanging chalkboard signs for them. 
 the bride and groom cake! topper was linen/canvas flags i cut and then hand stamped with their initials and hand sewn onto hemp cord.
the dessert table had a variety of different desserts, like tarts, bars, and cookies. i made a few flags for the tarts, we do, hitched and love.
 for the favors we filled small mason jars with the bbq sauce from the caterer that was a part of the menu for the night. we tied them with these tags i created from card-stock and put them on with bakers twine that we also used for their invitations.
 the stunning and absolutely gorgeous bride and her handsome groom.
 my favorite dance shot of the night.
 after the sun set beautiful bulb lights shone over the dance floor and reception area.
 mason jars through out the area were set with electric candles. there were also some hanging from trees. 
 and then to top it all off the bride and groom left to glow sticks (no fire could be up at this location so sparklers were out) and i passed them out 30 mins before departure for everyone to dance with. it was a BIG hit!! 
there were a few other details i wish i had captured from the day...the women's bathroom i tried to "spruce" up, the wagon i decorated for the kids to walk down the aisle in (we had 7 kids in the wedding, 2 of which weren't big enough to walk), and the bride's dresses and bouquets. i will post a link to the photographer if i get one to show you more of the beautiful day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

mama shower!

i had the pleasure of throwing my dearest friend a mama shower (this is her i made it a mama shower rather than a baby shower...she deserves it.) this past saturday! it was so much fun to throw a party. i loved putting in all the little details and trying to create a shower that just basically showered her! enjoy the pics!

here were the invites i sent out with a little note of blessing to get her some housekeeping money and/or prego massage and any other "big" items to bless her with. also i sent out a note card for everyone to bring with a special note or verse on it for her.

ok so i had envisioned a tissue pom pom ceiling on my back patio out to the grass and it totally came out. it was so much fun to see all those pom poms!
here's the table. it turned out so pretty. so i really envisioned some white roses, rannucluas, and peonies for the table center pieces, but unfortunately there were none to be found on friday. but luckily a friend of mine had just had a party and made tissue paper flowers just like my tissue paper pom poms out of white tissue so i was able to use them for the center pieces and they looked fabulous!

so for the favors i made these flower pins to try and replicate the pom pom theme i was going for. they turned out pretty good and i was so stoked to be able to use them as napkin rings for the table! and the little dress off to the left is a paper origami dress a friend made for everyone too of verses from proverbs 31. the place mats we made out of plain gray scrapbook paper and martha stewart's fancy paper punches. they turned out so great! although probably our most time consuming project.

so this is an old window frame that i stapled twine on the back of and hung the notes and verses to the mama from everyone.

the menu::sundried tomato pesto bowtie pasta with pine nuts and kalamata olives, spinach salad with pomegrante seeds, dried cranberries, sliced raw almonds and goat cheese with a homemade balsamic vinegarette, veggie and hummus plate, fruit plate and honey goat cheese plate with crackers and basil lemonade. yum!

the dessert table. ok so a friend made this was absolutely gorgeous and seriously the best cake you possibly have ever eaten. it was to die for. i made a pom pom banner for it to match the invites that i had made for the shower. turned out quite cute i thought. and i also made some coconut cupcakes which were quite yummy too.

there's all the lovely ladies. the mama is in black right in the middle. although she is ready for baby to come she doesn't even look prego in this picture! love you precious friend!

and on a sidenote, just in case you are a regular on my you can see, i haven't posted in quite awhile...well i am on a blogging break. once baby no three turned four months i had to give up all computer time. then i hired some help so i could get some work done (my part time job:pinkpenny album design) and those hours are precious working time and not extra for me to even post. so just so you know this is probably the last post for another long while.