Friday, May 23, 2008

day five

the weather started off promising. it was a very sunny morning. but once i got all my stuff ready and headed out to claim my stake at the beach, no joke, once i put my towels on my chair, lathered up in maui babe, the dark stormy clouds rolled over the sun and it never returned. not kidding. it made me laugh. i guess this little 'ol prego lady is not supposed to get too much (if any at all) sun this week. the Lord knows :)

late this afternoon becky came over to spend the rest of the night with us as nick is on the boat again tonight.

we headed to the jw marriott for a yummy sushi dinner (don't worry i had the cali roll)

you can see the storm clouds still hanging over the water. pray for a sunny day tomorrow.

today i am incredibly grateful for...not being nauseous on this trip at all.

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~j~ said...

Yes HE does and I bet today will be glorious for you since you had a day off of sunning!
Great news about zero nausea! that is sooo awesome.
so fun sharing your trip with you..
love and hugs to all