Tuesday, May 20, 2008

day one


very large sting rays (don't worry he wasn't in the ocean, only in a sanctuary at the jw marriott)

drinks at the jw (i had pineapple juice...yummy...but it didn't come in this fancy cup my mom got)

late afternoon tanning (the sun finally came out around 4pm)

dinner at the dellars

and yes that is there where they have been eating all their meals (cute!)

today i am incredibly grateful for...friendship.


Anonymous said...

hmm it looks like we need to stuff some more suitcases unless those movers dont' get here quick!
thank you, thank you,thank you for these daily journal pictorials! You are AMAZING!
love j

Tiffany said...

I'm incredibly grateful for your beautiful belly! :) Great pics, as always!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pics babe. Hope you see more sun. Thanks for keeping us here in America, I mean (the mainland) up to date. TG

raya said...

wow look at that belly! Don't use too much maui babe - you know what they say about the sun and pregnancy : )

pattyannbyrd@msn.com said...

Thanks for the beautiful updates Shelly ! I couldn't be more delighted with your GREAT news.
God Bless you Every One !
Patty Anna Mom