Sunday, May 25, 2008

day six

a tour of nick's home away from home
headed to the north shore
spent our day here at waimea bay (i did not color enhance this photo) it is that beautiful
where we...snorkeled
worked on our tans
did a lot of swimming to keep cool
and enjoyed every last minute we have with each other.
altogether it was a perfect day.
today i am incredibly grateful for...this week here in oahu with my mom, becky and nick. i know i have said it a few times this week, but truly i am incredibly grateful for this week with each of them.

1 comment:

~j~ said...

oh my!! what an absolutely amazing post. you three look like little kids having the times of your life!! the water, the sand, the company, i am sooo happy for you!
meems sends her love, we send you love,what an absolutely wonderful vacation you took us all on. Thank you Rene!! :))
xxoo julia