Wednesday, May 21, 2008

day three

today the weather was very gloomy so we headed to see the pearl harbor exhibit.
uss arizona memorial

over 2400 men lost their lives

uss missouri

oahu's finest...traffic (pray for nick...he has to drive in this everyday)
today i am grateful for...the men and women who serve our country. thank you for your sacrifice. we appreciate all you do in order that we might be the free country we are today. may the Lord protect you as you are out there fighting for us.


~j~ said...

wow, on both counts, the pearl harbor memorial and the traffic..
our next door neigbhors dad is one of the few remaining pearl harbor survivors and he and his wife go over there every year...I too am grateful and i love that you and your Mom got to experience that together!
love you!

Nick and Becky Dellar said...

Wow - yes, I really want to go to the memorials and learn more about what happened!
And the traffic is just a normal occurence over here...I guess with 1 million people on an island, it is bound to happen! Ah the Lord still teaching Nick and I patience!! PS: Shelly was sporting around in the Jeep!! ;) Wish I got a picture of that!! :D

tg+sg said...

yes it was quite moving. and yes i was sporting the jeep around thanks to becks! it sure was fun!