Thursday, June 19, 2008

a backyard dinner

this week no traveling to new location. rather a special location to all of us there. our dear j's backyard. it was a perfect evening over eighty degrees until about nine pm. the food of course was delish! a rather funny option for a hot night but really it was quite refreshing. homemade tortilla soup, southwest salad, lavender lemon water, guacamole and blue corn chips, and for dessert, cinnamon grahams with vanilla marshmellows and dark organic chocolate. it was a perfect mexican feast.
today i am incredibly grateful for...the friendship of the three women i shared dinner with. i truly value each of you and the friendship that you share with me. you all bless me so much.


~j~ said...

yes.. how blessed are we!!
And my promise to you no more soup till the fall!! :))
xo j

Nick and Becky Dellar said...

I love it!! (I am writing down meal ideas...) But no one can compare with that infamous tortilla soup!!
;) thanks for sharing :D

Anonymous said...

I love that you have such dear friends. I gives me great joy!!