Thursday, June 26, 2008

grandma has been busy...sewing

receiving blankets
bedtime story book and buddies

baby is going to love these.

today i am incredibly grateful mom.


~j~ said...

oh WOW! your mama is the best!!
those are so darling, hard to imagine one day those will hold one sweet little baby thats all yours!
love to you

Meeh said...

shells guess whaaaaat??? I am a blogger buddy now!!!
i love all your baby gifts they are sooooo super beautiful.
miss you- meems

KATIE said...

ooo... that book looks super rad! baby is going to love it for sure! :)

Nick and Becky Dellar said...

Oh your mom is so sweet - so glad I got to see her face the other day :)

You must get some of your craftiness from her... ;)

Ivan and Chrissy said... are getting so big. I can't believe I'm missing it. Miss you and love you.