Wednesday, June 4, 2008

santa barbara tuscan dinner

tonight was the second wednesday night dinner party for me. j did a wonderful job cooking us a tasty tuscan feast. it was divine. pork chops with a sweet mustard bacon sauce, grilled vegetables and rice pilaf...of course all organic. and to top it off a peach berry cobbler with whipped cream. this week we found a park in our little beach town and again laughed a lot. it was lovely. thanks j for the wonderful scrumptous feast.

the peach berry cobbler
i should have taken a pic of it before i devoured it

the beautiful cookus girls

sweet j and her bd
today i am incredibly grateful life.


Tiffany said...

That's it! I'm flying to Santa Barbara every Wednesday from now on! That food looks AMAZING!!! I might need to steal this idea for myself and my girlfriends...that is if it ever gets warm here!

tg+sg said...

you are welcome any time!!!! we'd love it. come during your summer break! we have an extra room...

KATIE said...

that photo of jewls is so incredible!!!
love it!
yay for sweet wednesdays ;)