Wednesday, July 30, 2008

wed afternoon and fiesta dinner

j did something a little big can see the nervousness in her breathing, but also the excitement after the fact. you need to click on the pic to see the something big she did.

wednesday night fiesta dinner. we had a wonderful meal here at the g house and then we headed out to the opening night of fiesta, santa barbara's celebration of our spanish heritage. it is a night of dancing and music at the mission. we all enjoyed our evening out.

today i am incredibly thankful life.


~j~ said...

What a great day! A truly memorable wed night dinner. Thank you sweet angels! How very blessed are we!?!!
love j

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh I'm so jealous of you guys going to the fiesta!! I LOVE fun cultural stuff like that!

Congrats to J on her nose piercing! Very cute! :)

Anonymous said...

J I am so proud of you - funny..... for some reason I recently thought of doing the same thing. It looks great!


~j~ said...

You should do it R! I will so go with you! next visit o.k.? you will look absolutely darling.
xo j