Friday, August 29, 2008

a fun package...from my mama

i received another fun package in the mail! i haven't been blogging all the packages i get but this one deserves to be blogged. my sweet mama has been finding prego and non-prego clothes and sending them to me because it has been hard to find some around this area that aren't over the top expensive. this one i decided to blog because all the others i haven't. but look how cute those clothes are. it is a top and a dress that aren't prego but fit me now even though i am. so they will also be great to have when i get my original body back.

today i am incredibly grateful mama. she is the best!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

wed night dinner...alone

don't worry i wasn't sad about it. although i did miss my friends for our usual wednesday night dinner, i did enjoy a yummy meal while the girls were out and about. i had a yummy organic green leaf lettuce salad with a sundried tomato flax pasta with chicken and kalamata olives and french bread with balsamic garlic dipping sauce. it was great. i am trying to soak in every minute i have alone as it won't be for long that i will covet these times.
girls, i missed you. hope you all had fun.

today i am incredibly grateful for...a warm home with the ability to cook and enjoy a meal in it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

brady + amanda slideshow

this might be the quickest slideshow turnaround yet. i am still working on one for the family site that will include the rehearsal day. i will keep you posted on that one. but for now, enjoy this one! if you want to view it larger click here.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the Lord's gift to capture these moments on camera.

Friday, August 15, 2008

brady + amanda

one of my favorite photos of the day. i will share more soon.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the Lord's gift of love. brady and amanda surely do show us a simple young love.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

in brighton, michigan

here for a family wedding. lots of photo "ops".
thanks again, paper pony for my gift.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the joy jesus gives, that only jesus can give. i am blessed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a perfect wedding day

sunday afternoon my dear friend c had a perfect wedding day. c and i have been friends for over thirteen years and i have never seen her so joyous as i did sunday.
here are a few of my favorite shots. i will post a slideshow soon.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the gift of marriage. c, i couldn't be any happier for you!

Friday, August 8, 2008

treasure hunting

so i have been a little discouraged at the price of baby stuff lately. hubby and i went to register a few weeks ago and everything was either, one. made in china and two. was really expensive. i know that we were registering, meaning others would purchase the items for us, but i really had a hard time even trying to justify registering for items that are so expensive. a car seat can cost almost two hundred dollars and strollers can cost over five hundred. it just seems a little crazy. needless to say we didn't register then as we were going to see what we could find online that was made in the usa and any deals we might find on things. to our demise we didn't find much if anything made in the usa, but we did find some really great deals. we popped into a thrift store last saturday afternoon just to see what they had for furniture. (i am in the market for a wooden rocking chair to refinish and a dresser) we didn't find any furniture but we did find some amazing items. we found the car seat that matches the stroller i would like for only four dollars. it needed a wash of course but heck if for some reason it didn't wash well what could we loose with only four dollars at stake. and it did wash well so we didn't lose anything!
and we found a kelty kid carrying backpack for only ten dollars. another steal. we knew that we wouldn't register for this backpack although it would be nice to have, but it was two hundred dollars and wasn't really that necessary. but for only ten dollars we were stoked! it looks like it may have been used twice.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the Lord blessing us with some amazing deals on baby items! keep praying we find more!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

fiesta day four

evening rodeo with j and d and hubby. lots of fun.
sorry for the delay. i left town after fiesta day four and didn't have very good internet service so i was unable to post.

Friday, August 1, 2008

fiesta day three

fiesta parade. lunch with paper pony and b. festive appetizers.
fiesta el mercado del norte. super slide ride. petting zoo of miniature animals.
another day of fun.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the blessing of all your wonderful comments on my last post. i am so blessed by each of you.

ps. t-byrd, you and e are more than welcome to come and visit us for next year's fiesta. it is one of the funnest times to come to sb.

the best thank you gift ever!

today my dear paper pony gave me a thank you present that just blesses my little socks off. she was thanking me for helping take care of pink penny while she was on maternity leave for the beginning of this year. something that didn't even need a thank you. but leave it to my dear paper pony to gift me with something beyond my wildest imagination. thank you. i can't wait to get back to shooting with inspiration to do i am incredibly grateful dear paper pony.

for those of you who might think that this is the same as one i already have...i have the second oldest digital slr camera that canon ever made. i bet all of your smaller cameras have better pixel quality then my big one. this new one has twelve megapixel capability. twice what i already have. i have wanted this to help jump start my creativity.