Friday, August 8, 2008

treasure hunting

so i have been a little discouraged at the price of baby stuff lately. hubby and i went to register a few weeks ago and everything was either, one. made in china and two. was really expensive. i know that we were registering, meaning others would purchase the items for us, but i really had a hard time even trying to justify registering for items that are so expensive. a car seat can cost almost two hundred dollars and strollers can cost over five hundred. it just seems a little crazy. needless to say we didn't register then as we were going to see what we could find online that was made in the usa and any deals we might find on things. to our demise we didn't find much if anything made in the usa, but we did find some really great deals. we popped into a thrift store last saturday afternoon just to see what they had for furniture. (i am in the market for a wooden rocking chair to refinish and a dresser) we didn't find any furniture but we did find some amazing items. we found the car seat that matches the stroller i would like for only four dollars. it needed a wash of course but heck if for some reason it didn't wash well what could we loose with only four dollars at stake. and it did wash well so we didn't lose anything!
and we found a kelty kid carrying backpack for only ten dollars. another steal. we knew that we wouldn't register for this backpack although it would be nice to have, but it was two hundred dollars and wasn't really that necessary. but for only ten dollars we were stoked! it looks like it may have been used twice.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the Lord blessing us with some amazing deals on baby items! keep praying we find more!


Hayl Mikayl said...

so so so cool i am guessing you found one!!?? WEll how are??`

~j~ said...

And may I just say that you truly are an excellent treasure hunter. You put me to shame :)!
There are more to be found that's for sure and cant' wait to find them!!!