Thursday, August 28, 2008

wed night dinner...alone

don't worry i wasn't sad about it. although i did miss my friends for our usual wednesday night dinner, i did enjoy a yummy meal while the girls were out and about. i had a yummy organic green leaf lettuce salad with a sundried tomato flax pasta with chicken and kalamata olives and french bread with balsamic garlic dipping sauce. it was great. i am trying to soak in every minute i have alone as it won't be for long that i will covet these times.
girls, i missed you. hope you all had fun.

today i am incredibly grateful for...a warm home with the ability to cook and enjoy a meal in it.

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~j~ said...

ooohhh so sad! :( we are on for next Wed! it's been busy uh? that looks really yumo however, wish we were there! Ikea runs are definitely not the same without you!