Sunday, September 7, 2008

a fiesta dinner party

saturday night jk threw a fiesta dinner party; full of yummy food, great fellowship, and she even brought out the marshmallows for roasting. it sure was a great fiesta!

today i am incredibly grateful for...jk. you are such a dear friend and i am so blessed by the friendship we share. thanks for such a wonderful fiesta party.


~j~ said...

that was so much fun wasnt' it!
LOVE that picture of you, jen and d and the one of t and j!
viva la beautiful friendships and more of those times together!
Great job jk we are so proud of you!

chris lazo said...

You're a good photographer, Shelly.

mackyton said...

I recently went to my sister’s dinner party at one of venues in Chicago. Everyone was happy and enjoyed the tasty food and drinks. Glad to see my efforts turned out best and loved by everyone. Really liked the venue and want to arrange my next tea party there.