Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sums up my morning

meet my lewis. i found him this way this morning and had to post it. i think he was having a rough morning.

this morning i was feeling like this too. a little emotional...pretty sure most of it is hormonal but after my morning devotions with Jesus feeling like a lot of it is spiritual. sweet m is in india and my heart is burdened for things her heart is burdened for. i can feel a part of what she is experiencing. but the word of the Lord is so good to calm and quiet our hearts and lead us into deeper prayer.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the Word of the Lord. the bible is filled with words that just refresh my soul. thank you Lord for the gift of your word.


Becky Dellar said...

YEs - the Word...and thank you Lord for including us in what is going on in your world and your people...thank you that you do unify us in the Spirit.

Thanks for sharing shel


Anonymous said...

Awe, wish I was there to give you a hug! But, you're right - God's word always refreshes. I thank you Lord, that you are faithful to draw us in!

Ben and Meg said...

Amen to that, lately the Lord's words are the only comfort I have too. He is so faithful to remember our humanness by giving us the Bible! I pray that you and Lewis and baby will wake up tomorrow basking in the light of joy! XOXOX Meg

~j~ said...

one of the many gazillion reasons i love love my kids!
The Lord is good to hear our prayers and when we pray HIS word over our situations HE is sooo faithful to answer, and HE is.

Jenny said...

So sweet, Shell Bell. Thanks for sharing your morning thoughts. It brightened my day. I want more Jesus!