Saturday, September 27, 2008

thirty three weeks

for our anniversary i set up a prego shoot for me and taylor with our amazing photog friend katee. it was a spectacular afternoon/evening and i am so blessed at the images she captured. here are some of my favorites.

click here to view more amazing images.

today i am incredibly grateful for...katee's gift. and the Lord's gift of this baby.


~j~ said...

Amazing... Next year, this time in "the golden hour" there will be three...
love you all!

joyfulgirl said...

You look beautiful! I love reading your blog and seeing how the pregancy (and life) is keeping you grateful each day. Excited to hear about your mommy adventures!

Jenny said...

Absolutely amazing. Watching the video I have goosebumps and tears.It is so amazing where the Lord can take us. I love you and can't wait to love the baby too!

faithsalutes said...

Raya is making sure she is there when the baby comes.

Hurry up with those baby photos.

sj said...

oh friend. you are so beautiful. i have not been able to comment on your blog yet?not sure why, but so glad i supernaturally can tonight. know you are so loved and lifted up.xoxoxoxoxoxo sarah s-d