Friday, September 5, 2008

thirty weeks

time is ticking away. can't believe how fast it is going. potentially i could have the baby anywhere in the next six to twelve weeks...must keep on nesting :)

today i am incredibly grateful for...a healthy pregnancy and loving family and friends.


~j~ said...

and what an exciting thought that is!
You are going to be holding a little one soon!! However the twelve week mark will give you more nesting time so try to shoot for that date k?
your co- empty-nester

Tiffany said...

How exciting! I'm incredibly grateful that the little one in your belly has such amazing parents waiting for his arrival! Love you!

Ivan and Chrissy said...

It looks like you have a bowling ball in there! I hope it comes out smaller than it looks. Can't waite to hold that little one and love it the way you did ours.

You are in our daily prayers and we miss you