Saturday, October 18, 2008

learning to be still

currently i am learning to be still. i am thirty six weeks along and have lots of stuff i would like to get done before the baby arrives, but i am learning that i need to listen to my body and slow down. which if any of you know me is not an easy task. this week we have a visitor in town and i am learning to enjoy the company and where we live as i take her out and show her around instead of worrying if the kitchen pantry will get organized before the baby arrives. i have truly learned so much in this pregnancy thus far and i know i have more to learn as the weeks continue. the Lord is so good to give us women nine months to prepare for the arrival of a child that will forever change your lives. because i don't want to be that busy stressed out mom i know the Lord is using this time these last few weeks to rest and enjoy.

today i am incredibly grateful for...each day that i can enjoy being alive and well.


~j~ said...

yes... be still and know that HE is Lord, over everything even directing your still time.
bless you for your obedience..

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful thing to know you are hearing the Spirit - wise counsel indeed!! I know it's hard for you, but just know and remember that He always takes us the better way...

Love you so very much,

Catherine Hall said...

I remember hearing that "Be Still" calling from God when I was rushing to get things done for the miraculous event of birth. And I remember satan making me feel bad or lazy when I slowed down. If that happens to you too rebuke him in the name of Jesus and keep glittering for God. You are so cute.
Love you