Sunday, October 12, 2008

nesting::part four

getting the extra room organized for my office and for some baby items.

most would probably be getting a nursery ready...not me. i am not about all "the stuff "you have to have for a baby. i would rather keep it to only the needs. the baby will sleep with us in a bassinet for a while then we will worry about a crib. and anything else can be stored in half this closet.

today i am incredibly grateful for...grace. without it who knows where i would be. thank you Jesus!


~j~ said...

that looks AMAZING! can't wait to see the room up close and personal.
You are a very good nester sweet girl!

Becky Dellar said...

Love that desk there! (what a steal that was)

I bet if feels so good to have that closet to put stuff in.

KATEE said...

yay for being organized!
and yay for making room for the baby! :)
everything will be done in just the right time :)