Saturday, October 4, 2008

nesting::part three

sewing a blanket for baby.

today i am incredibly grateful...that i usually get to see my husband daily and have my friends so close.

hubby is at a men's camping trip 'til tomorrow and my closest friends here are scattered all over the place...colorado. india. oahu. it sure is quiet around here.
becks...i don't know how you do it! you are an amazing example to me this weekend. if you can do it for three months at a time or longer, i must be able to do it for 2 days.


Becky Dellar said...

HA! :/ It is always hard no matter how long they are away!! :) aww, I have been thinking about you a lot the past 3 days - nick had to work yesterday (Saturday. So really, in the spirit, I was wishing I was hanging at your house with you - on your couch, drinking your tea...:)

Ben and Meg said...

I'm off tomorrow if you need some company... :) Would love to hang out! XOXOXOX Meg

Cristine said...

Adorable many fun fabrics! Welcome home to Taylor!

KATEE said...

Love love love your blanket! that's fantastic! :)

~j~ said...

I'm baaackk! we can play again!!
Love you and missed you soo much.
Can't wait to see the new blankie! :)