Tuesday, November 4, 2008

it's over

and we just have to accept it.

today i am incredibly grateful for...that HIS ways are better than ours. we must trust that.


Catherine Hall said...

You are right .... accept it and embrace it.
You will be bathing another small on soon.
So How do you feel. Getting closer?

Becky Dellar said...


although, I will say this picture of Lewis did make me crack a smile. (he looks so tiny when his hair is all wet!)

It is quiet around here...not much to say really :/

Anonymous said...

Yes, so right.....BUT the good news is that we can rejoice even still because we have the REAL HOPE!! It's later than it's ever been and closer to our Savior's return. Maranatha!!


KATEE said...

Lewis looks so tame-- though sort of gearing up to make a break :)

yeah--- amen to Real Hope! No Government or person will ever be our Savior--- And God truly does work all things out for good to those who Love Him. :)


~j~ said...

oh that is such truth, the only change I care about is the one that the Lord did in my own life.
Love you sweet girl,

Anonymous said...

Lewis!!!!! Too cute :)