Friday, November 14, 2008

tea fire

last night around six pm our city started on fire. here are a few pics i grabbed from the la times. they capture what it looked like last night and how close it really is to us. we are fine, but it is a lot closer then any fire we have ever seen since we have lived here.
by rafael maldonado la times
by matt wier la times

we took some pics last night only about three quarters of a mile from our house. here is one.

keep our city in your prayers. we do have friends who have been evacuated and their homes are in danger. i am confined to the house due to the air quality but our house is fine. we are thankful.

today i am incredibly grateful for...our firefighters who have been fighting this all night long.

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~j~ said...

Our beautiful town has been hit so hard by fires this year hasn't it?
These pictures are incredible but when you are up close and personal it's just hard to capture the power of this thing!!
pray for our city!