Monday, June 22, 2009

blueberry pickin'

a few weekends back we went a blueberry pickin' at local farm in buellton. i recommend going if you get a chance. the blueberries are delish!

if you mention santa barbara tea party they will donate five dollars of your bucket price to the group.

today i am incredibly grateful friend, jk. today was my last day to spend with her before she leaves for her six month trip. i will miss her much. love you, dear friend.


Nick and Becky said...

I really love that place up there! and love the picture of you walking in your blue dress with your bucket! :D good catch Taylor!

~j~ said...

oh wow!!! that looks like so much fun, man you guys take great photos of your adventures, and agreed the blueberry dress is adorable, but of course Rae steals the show!

KATEE said...

how F-U-N!!
and beautiful photos Shells! :) :)

Catherine Hall said...

Man I miss that fresh fruit! My mom and sister are in Cali for 2 weeks and I really wanted to come but had to be here for miss Haddie's party and studio remodeling. Maybe soon though. I miss you guys too and need to get on this blog thing more, just been so busy. Love ya. oh and great job sewing. Check out my friends website of
you might like it.

Tiffany said...

Hey gorgeous! I'm getting so excited to see you guys! Give me a call so that we can get something planned. I refuse to let this weekend go by without meeting little Rea Mae! 509-710-4771. Love ya!