Sunday, August 2, 2009

blabla doll

the brand of her is called bla bla but we think she needs a new name...if we can come up with a good one. help us out please.


Tiffany said...

Clearly that is a hula hoop around her waist. She is hooping for power and hooping for peace. She knows how to swivel her hips and let her body her Hula Bla Bla!

~j~ said...

how about adorabla.... just like Rae Mae... :)

Nick and Becky said...

how fun! looks like you made it! Maybe Betty? She some how reminds me of matilda (from those books) or even Pipi from Pippi Longstocking!

KATEE said...

She looks like a Maggie or Marge... maybe that's too Simpson's-ish though.

:) hehe... can't wait to hear what you pick!

Sue Kasmar said...

I think a rendition of Pippi - something like, Pippa or Pepper.
She's too cute, Shels!

Anonymous said...

Right on Becky! She was "Betty" to me when we first got her.....and it has such a fun sound - "Betty Bla bla"

Grandma H.

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Beautiful doll! Loved it!!