Wednesday, September 2, 2009

back to shooting::with baby

a few weeks back i had the pleasure of shooting this beautiful couple as they waited expectantly for their little baby girl to arrive. they were such a joy to shoot and spend the evening with. their baby girl is quite lucky to have them for parents.

Click here to view the entire slideshow

today i am incredibly grateful new iphone the Lord restored back to me...
(its been a long ten days without one)


KATEE said...

beautiful photos!!!!!!!!

and I'm so happy about your phone!!! :)

faithsalutes said...

i don't usually leave comments on your blog...but i read it! and i love the photos.

hearts from dc.

faith and ryan

~j~ said...

this almost makes me wish i was young and preggers again just to have you shoot some pics! :) ;)
these are beautiful Shells..
love j