Monday, November 16, 2009


hard to believe but my little girl turns one today. ive been quite sentimental the past few days thinking of what our day entailed before she arrived, "re-living" the night before her birth, thinking of labor and birth and then her beautiful face entering this world. this year has been quite a learning experience. motherhood sure is more amazing than i could have ever imagined it to be. such an amazing privilege to be a mom. i look forward to the many more years of rea mae's well as each bundle of joy that we are blessed with.

today i am incredibly grateful sweet rea mae!


~j~ said...

sigh... one year old! wow! what a joy to watch her sprout and flourish :) she truly brings much life and happiness to all.

Nick and Becky said...

I cannot believe it was one year ago...She has made so many memories so much sweeter!! and she has brought so much life and happiness :) We love you Reagan!

Anonymous said...

wish we lived closer to your sweet little and growing family.
you are all four l o v e d!

what a joy your little girl has brought to this world already.
love love love
~sarah sd

Anonymous said...

Oh - the love we have for her!! And doesn't she just have the "Shelly" look in this photo - I have to go back quite a ways to re-live that joyous day you, my sweet daughter, entered this world. But the best memories are never forgotten and like yesterday, I can remember that beautiful moment when you stole my heart!!
Your Mama