Thursday, December 31, 2009

stepping into twenty ten

as we come to a close on two thousand and nine i can't help but look back at what this year has brought and be incredibly grateful for all the blessings i have encountered. and now as we move forward into another year i am really excited. i think this might be one of the first times i have been excited about where my life is and how it is heading and what i would like to accomplish.
the Lord truly has been good to us! i have a loving husband, a beautiful daughter full of joy, another little one on the way that i can't wait to meet, the best friends any girl could ever want (even if they are all scattered across the globe), and a supportive loving family. those are just a few of the many blessings i can express.

i'm not one to set goals for a new year, but this year it is not about setting goals, but more like things i would like to accomplish. i know you might think that those are the same thing, but to me in my little brain, things i would like to accomplish actually seems like something i might achieve rather then set and not follow through on. here's my list of things i will accomplish...Lord willing...

  • daily reading the bible...chronologically
  • starting and finishing my new book Perfect Health and changing our family's eating lifestyle...(thank you bethany for this one)
  • getting rid of stuff...this is a continual cycle
  • reading all the books on my amazon wish list and then more i find along the way
  • returning phone calls and emails more promptly. this is one i try every year and fail. this will be the year i accomplish this new habit.
  • looking into what it would take to be a natural childbirth educator
  • giving my blog here a new fresh look...and trying to update it more
not an extensive list, but one i do truly want to accomplish this year.

thanks for the blog support and hopefully this year will be one of more exciting topics and creativity as i venture into new books and other things this year may hold. praying you have a happy new year. may the Lord give you another year of abundant blessings!

today i am incredibly grateful for...this past year...with all the fun times and hard times (of which there were many as i am learning how to be a mom) i am still so grateful for each one i encountered. i pray you can be thankful for yours as well.


~j~ said...

Love your new goals for the year...
very thoughtful and exciting!
Looking forward to hearing and seeing about all you accomplish!
Happy 2010!
love j

Bethany said...

Those are some great goals! I am interested in the book you mentioned, will have to check it out. One of my goals is also to read the bible more, we had a great sermon yesterday about that!

Happy New Year Shelly! Cheers to a fabulous and blessed 2010 :)

Mom said...

Great ambitions! Love to hear it......especially excited about the one of checking into becoming a natural childbirth educator. You would be awesome! You have become a remarkable young woman and I'm very proud to be called as your mom!

Love you much!

Stefanie said...

Gojo! its been a long time!! i just discovered your blog and am loving catching up on your life. i am inspired by your words. what a beautiful story God has given you.

-Stefanie (aka "chex")

Nick and Becky said...

I just read this post! Thank you for sharing your desired list of things you want to accomplish. I actually blocked some time in my calendar this week to write out some things I want to accomplish (personal and work) this year. I want to be able to look back on this year and see what I was able to change/adjust!

I also hope you blog about each of these as you walk through them, cause I want to know more about that book and natural birth stuff! :) hmm, I gotta get back to my Nature's Kitchen posts!
love you -Becky