Sunday, December 13, 2009


yesterday i rang in the big three-zero. still trying to figure out how i feel about turning thirty. i don't feel thirty quite yet. although not quite sure how you are supposed to feel about turning thirty. either way all i could think yesterday was how blessed i am to have such a wonderful life.

my day was wonderful. full of surprises by my loving husband. mani-pedi in the morning, some time at the salon in the afternoon, a little shopping, a special dinner and an big surprise dessert with some of my dearest friends. i couldn't have asked for a better day! thanks hubby for all the love.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the wonderful blessed full life of thirty years the Lord has granted me. may the next thirty bring Him all the more glory.


Cristine said...

Happy Birthday Shelly...looks like an amazing 'dessert' birthday celebration you had following a very fun filled day! Thirty is a GREAT age!!

Tiffany said...

Happy birthday, Shelly! The big 3-0, huh? I'm not too far from it myself. While it's kind of a weird age to turn, I think you are exactly right to celebrate how wonderful those thirty years have been as well as all of your accomplishments! You are such a beautiful person inside and out...and you certainly don't look 30! :) So happy to hear that T spoiled you!

Looking forward to spending some time with you guys! Love you!

Nick and Becky said...

YES! It is such a blessing to hear what a glorious day you had. That is what we were praying for from afar!

Love you!

~j~ said...

Well turning 30 really isn't that big of a deal when you look 18 ;)
Love you much...