Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the most perfect food

this is my first post following one of my twenty ten accomplishments. well i haven't finished reading my new perfect health book, but here is what i have learned so far...
eat more fruit
fruit is essentially the most perfect food. fruit has been getting a bad rap for so many years because of the sugar content...but after reading this book so far, my whole view has changed. for years i have been saying watch out how much fruit you eat because of the sugar content. i believed all that i had heard around me. but after reading the first couple chapters in this book and a few other books, i have come to see that fruit was what we as humans were first eating.

in genesis chapter one verse twenty nine God told adam...i give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. they will be yours for food. if this was given to adam before sin even entered into the world we can assume that is the most perfect food. God must of supplied them with all they needed. for God had not commanded them to eat any animal. only every seed-bearing plant and tree that had fruit. wow. what a revelation, huh?!

so i've added more fruit to my diet. seriously this you would think would be easy, but i don't naturally crave it so i have to consciously tell myself to eat fruit. i think i have eaten more fruit in the past month of my life then i have had in years. sad for my body to have lived all those years without the food that my body was made to digest but good now that i am changing.

here are a few fun facts from my book, perfect health about fruit that i thought you might find interesting...
  • fruit contains all the nutrients we need
  • fruit allows the body to cleanse and repair itself
  • fruit in its natural state appeals to all our senses
  • all fruit leaves an alkaline residue or end product in the body. (this is important for the pH balance of our bodies. we need the alkaline to help regulate our bodies from having too much acid in our body. too much acid in our bodies causes cancer to grow in our bodies in abundance. we aren't talking acid, like what you might think, from an orange, we are talking acid from digestion in our stomach. more on this in a later post)
  • fruit regulates your blood sugar
the author of this book challenges us to eat one meal a day that consists of only fruit. she recommends breakfast, for a number of reasons, but to eat at least two different pieces of fruit and as much as your body craves. don't worry if you eat four bananas she says, your body will regulate as you continue to add more fruit to your diet. oh and don't eat fruit with any other meal. always eat fruit on an empty stomach. the body can use it more and it has less chance of sitting in your stomach fermenting with your other food as your body digests it. fruit takes less time to digest than any other food and is best when eaten alone...or with nuts if you prefer.

so...i challenge you...take an inventory of how much fruit you eat in your diet and if it is not much add more fruit to your diet.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the beautiful day i had with little miss r. we had lunch with a special friend at the garden market (the best place in town) and then r and i headed to our favorite beach spot to and whatever else she could pick up. it was a day i will remember forever.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

hidden messages

today i went to see this movie...avatar...the movie that has all these great reviews and is winning all kinds of awards. i wanted to see what all the hype was about. tg and i had watched the trailer a few weeks back to see if we might want to see it together for a movie night but we both decided it looked like a movie with a message that we wouldn't want to put our money towards. but as the weeks have gone by and the hype has been getting louder, i told tg for the past couple days that i want to go see it. to see what is so special about this movie. why it's breaking box office records. why it's winning awards...why no one has had one bad thing to say about today tg watched r as i went. he wasn't interested i went by myself. which actually was quite fun. felt like a grown-up in a sense...

i got there right in time as the movie was starting, put on my 3D glasses and was ready to watch the biggest movie to hit the big screen since Titanic...

then as the movie progressed and the story line began to unfold...what i was hoping was just a bad trailer was unfolding in the movie...the movie was exactly what the trailer portrayed. not what i wanted to have happen. and i'm sitting there thinking to myself...this full movie theatre of people and all the other full movie theatre's of people that have watched this movie are being once again desensitized into to watching more propaganda. we trade our love for being entertained and wooed by pretty graphics for being exposed to a bigger message.

everything you watch, movies, television, commercials, everything you hear, everything you put your money towards, has a message. they either want to sell you something or tell you something. and these days i think people have traded in their minds to be entertained. does anyone not see the message in this movie that is getting so many great reviews. so what if it has great 3D graphics and neat scenes, the message is so appalling that we shouldn't even care about those things!

this movie has desensitized everyone who has seen it and fallen in love with it, to the fact that it portrays our very own military to be savage killers of indigenous people all for something that we might be able to make money off of.

the other side of the story you might be saying if you've seen it is, that we could learn from these people and that we can get to know them and appreciate them and not take from them. which is a great message, but really...did they need to make it all about our military looking like savages pillaging a land they want only for one money making rock? it is just pure desensitization. the more we watch movies like this the more we believe the lie that we americans are doing more harm than good to other countries. and i don't like that! it is completely untrue and we should be paying for movies that show us how amazing our volunteered men and women are to fight for our freedoms and help others. they leave their entire lives at home, families, spouses, babies...all to protect us. and portray them with this kind of movie. i'm sorry but i think that is a appalling way of thanking them.

we live in a sad day and age when movies like this can win major movie awards and not one media person has one bad thing to say about it. when people love being entertained with cool movie graphics rather then understanding the message that is being sent...the way we are being desensitized. the saddest part is that it doesn't stop at just the movie theatre. this past election we all watched a man become president who had better "graphics", "cooler" rallies, "hipper" campaign speeches, who had absolutely no experience or proven leadership skills to run a country. america was so excited about swearing in a man based on the "history" it could make rather than really seeing what kind of man he really was. who he really surrounded himself with, what he really supports, and what he really wants to do to this country...and now a year later all those who were wooed by the most historic campaign are experiencing a case of buyers remorse...

as i left that movie theatre today i was quite upset as to the state of our society as a whole...and how i am part of a few...a few who see things beyond all the fun graphics and awesome reviews...and really a few who get drowned out by the louder could be discouraging, but really all i can do is just voice my opinion. expose what i think is truth...and go on...

thanks for listening. i hope that by reading this you too may also take a second look at what you watch and how things are protrayed...because remember everything has a message.

today i am incredibly grateful speech and our military.

ps...i am not a total debbie downer...if you want to see a great movie go see sherlock holmes.