Thursday, March 25, 2010

the BIGGEST surprise of my life

last wednesday night i was sitting at home enjoying a movie with my sister who was visiting and i get a phone call about nine pm from a number i don't recognize. naturally i don't pick it up cause its so late and i have no clue who it is. could be a sales call. anyway about a second later i check to see where the location of the number is from and i see it is from abilene tx. thats where my good friend catherine lives so i assume oh maybe she was calling me from her husband's phone. as i'm thinking this i see she is calling. i pick up and ask what'cha doin? and she asks if i'm screening my phone calls and i say kind of. anyway we pick up the conversation as she mentions she just received the invite to my shower on saturday and how cute it is. because we lived together in santa barbara during college she proceeds to ask me if she has ever been where the shower will be. i tell her i dont' think so and begin to tell her all about this cute restaraunt and how i don't think we ever went there in college. she states oh okay, well then do you think i can follow you there? and then a loud knock on the front door happens! and all i can say is...are you kidding me? as we are still on the phone. still not thinking that it could really be her...she lives twenty two hours way it's her...i go to the front door and peek out the window and there are two girls videoing with their phones holding her two sweet kids! and then i swing open the door and see there is my dear friend catherine akers!!! she surprised me by driving all the way to california with her kids, niece and friend to come to my shower. we hadnt' seen each other in over five years and have been talking on the phone all the time about how great it would be to see each other and meet each other's kids!!! i was in such excitement that we both jumped up and down as we hugged each other forgetting that i am nine months prego. so surprised my water didn't break or go straight into labor while they were here. tg knew all about it and had helped plan them to stay with us and make sure they had a great time. they stayed from thurs-saturday after the shower driving non-stop except for potty and food breaks all the way...all twenty two hours! as i write this i am still in shock and tears as i think about how awesome it was to see her and her sweet family...tony you were missed though...

cat...thanks so much for making such a long trek! it was seriously the best surprise of my entire to tg proposing! i will cherish the time we had together while you were here. you are an amazing mother and such a dear dear friend. i love you!

here are some pictures of our time together.

reagan absolutely adored meeting haddie grace. she loved being able to watch the big girl! this photo by the way was not contrived. they did this all on their own!

today i am incredibly grateful thank you for your friendship.

Friday, March 12, 2010

getting closer

i realized this morning i don't think i've posted any prego pictures to my blog since ive been prego. well now we are down to weeks left and here is my first one. i'm doing well. just getting bigger by the day it feels like and slower as well, but overall feeling fine. and enjoying every moment with little r all to myself.
can't wait to meet our new little one.

today i am incredibly grateful helpful hubby. he sure has been making sure to take care of me and i so appreciate it!