Monday, June 14, 2010


thought i would post some pics of us since its been a while...since before baby number 2 came.
for those followers who don't know...i had a very fast and furious labor. i had been having early labor pains for a couple of weeks. i woke up on april third at two twelve in the morning with heavy cramping and stronger contractions. as the next ten minutes went on the contractions were getting stronger and harder so i woke up taylor and told him to call the midwives. (we were having a home birth) he called them at two thirty six. he starts scrambling to get the mood set in our room with candles and such and i then tell him to hurry and get the tub filled. (we had a water birth tub that i wanted to labor in) so many other details, but needless to say hayden michael was born at three forty with the help of our dear friend who was a natural childbirth class instructor. the midwives showed up five minutes after he was born. it was fast and intense but really well. healthy mom, healthy baby boy...nine pounds six ounces twenty one and a half inches long. hes now ten weeks old and we are all justing figuring each other out. it's been a rough start but we are getting into the swing of things now.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the two of them napping at the same time this afternoon!


Tiffany said...

Such a little muffin! Those cheeks are killing me, woman! I must eat them up soon! Love you all!

~j~ said...

oh how i miss you all!!! those babies are sooo beautiful.hugs and kisses to you all.
happy fathers day Taylor!
love you tons.
love julia and dale

joyfulgirl said...

such sweet pics of your new little guy. thanks for sharing a glimpse of your beautiful growing family. would love to talk soon:)

Ivan and Chrissy said...

What a sweet little boy! And that little girl is getting so big! Same time naps are wonderful... I have mastered it as well :-)