Monday, October 11, 2010

weekend with regs

the kids have been sick for a few weeks so tg thought it would be good to separate them to allow hayden to get some one on one tlc since he has been hit the worst. so i took regs up to pismo beach area to stay at my mom's. we had a wonderful girl's weekend up there picking pumpkins, going on a lunch date and hanging with grandpa ray. it was such a delight to have her all to myself!

today i am incredibly grateful time alone with my little girl. yay for girl weekends!


Scout and Blondie said...

LOVE THESE!! oh what a wonderful weekend.

I was skyping with Nick last night and we both clicked through and were looking at these pictures together :) really great pictures! (and of course he wanted to know how you formatted them - You had to have taken them with your camera and not your iphone!)

we both love you two girls so much!

Tiffany said...

Love the pics, as always! How fun for you guys to have a girls weekend! Don't ever stop!

Miss and love you all!

Meems said...

too much fun! you are a good mom!