Monday, February 21, 2011

happy birthday mom

i took the kids up to my moms yesterday to celebrate her pair of fives birthday. we brought her some purple flowers and a carrot cake and took her to her favorite place for a sushi lunch. later on us girls went out shopping at marshalls.
we had a blast and i'm sure my mom enjoyed her birthday celebration. miss r enjoyed getting a new tutu from nana and enjoying some of nana's bday cake!

happy birthday mom. we love you and are so grateful for you in our lives. you are such a blessing to us!


~j~ said...

oooh! Happy Birthday R! what a fun day it looks like you all had! So happy you got to celebrate it with all your loves!

Mom / Nana Hight said...

It was a very, very precious and memorable day!! Thank you so much for coming up - it meant more than you know. I can still hear Reagan: "Happy Birthday to you, Nana" and then hearing & watch her sing the words put it over the top! I am forever blessed by that day, sweet Shelly.