Tuesday, February 22, 2011

nesting :: hubby project

so the ol' nesting bug has kicked it into high gear around here and early. i've been expressing my need to purge "stuff" for weeks to my husband (probably in a not so great way at times) but saturday night i expressed how much i hate feeling unorganized and really would like one of our many closets that gets the least attention to be more customized to fit our stuff. he drew a blueprint of custom shelves he could build and told me he could do it all in one day. i said great get to it ;)

the next day the kids and i headed out of town to visit my mom for her bday and tg wanted to stay home to build. he is such a man. you give him a project and he runs with it. i really do love that he loves to build and do projects. it really comes in handy. especially during these three years of nesting!

so i returned to this beautiful closet. now it isn't custom like he said, but it is better! i mean do i need to say more after seeing this picture. look at all the space for me to put stuff into. and so neatly organized! oh he for sure made my day...week! now if i just had time to myself to get everything i need to in those baskets!


Mom said...

Nice! Great job Taylor!!

Tiffany said...

Love it! Looks fantastic! It is such a gift to have a handy hubby!