Monday, February 28, 2011

please please please watch

must watch if you are an american and care about your future. you need to know about what he is saying here and has been saying for years. this effects you! and everyone else you care about! even those you don't care about. it effects everyone!

if you want to watch any of his other episodes from this past month, which i suggest you do go to he really is the only one telling the whole story and exposing truth. i really can testify to that since i have one channel in my house (no cable and the bunny ears still get one local abc channel) and the mainstream "news" that i can see is good morning america. they aren't even talking about egypt anymore and barely even talked about libya this morning. please watch him. you need to know about this stuff!

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~j~ said...

people choose to be ignorant of all of this because they cant' get their minds around the fact that this is prophetic AND true! God help us...