Saturday, February 26, 2011

puddle jumping

had a blast yesterday afternoon taking the kids out in the rain. i needed to do a photoshoot. i have always had ideas in my mind of photos i would love to shoot in the rain and so i needed to get out there and get some. and the littles needed to get out of the house. the rain never stopped yesterday so it was now or go crazier! and they both just absolutely loved it. miss r just ran down the driveway and to the creek while little guy was strapped to me in the ergo with me caring more about my camera getting wet then covering him with the umbrella. he just talked and talked the whole time while holding his hands out to touch the drops. it was a fantastic fifteen minutes!

i will post more soon but just wanted to update with this one!

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Mom/Nana Hight said...

How fun!! Pure joy in the simple things - always the most precious memories! You're an awesome mom for recognizing that it's those times that leave lasting and very valuable impressions. Wish I could have been there!