Friday, February 18, 2011

unordinary friday

i'm trying to get better at posting, knowing that family and friends from afar love hearing about our little life. i have a hard time posting without pictures, but if i wait for a picture for every post, well then, my posts are far and few between. so instead i will just start posting with or without ( and probably more without) photos.

today we had an unordinary friday. although nothing special, it just was unordinary. first we woke up to, may i say, weather! not something typical around here in sb. but yes, wind, cold, wet, weather. we headed to church for a morning book study i'm apart of. and on the way there miss r says, where we going? i tell her we are going to church. and then i realize, she's never asked that before. wow, she just put that whole sentence together and just asked me where are we going? how grown up is she?!

after church we hurry home because tg was taking me to a political luncheon at the reagan ranch center here in town. a patient of his at work gave him free tickets and we just happened to find a last minute sitter and so we went! it was fantastic to be surrounded with a bunch of likeminded people politcally, listening to a man speak the truth about our current administration and current events here in the US. it was inspiring. really mostly for me because if you really know my hubby, you know he was made to be in that arena. and really being there listening to this intelligent man behind a podium, hearing a lot the same things come out of his mouth that my man talks about daily just revealed to me again how wise tg is for his age and how this truly is his gifting and quite possibly his calling. it inspired me not only to pray for our country, but really to pray for what God has in store for our family. it gave me a new fresh vision.

then my night was alone with the kids as tg had to dj country night at local place in town. two kids by yourself for bedtime can be quite daunting, but tonight we managed to keep calm and cool. it was actually quite fun. r can really make h laugh these days and that pretty much just melts my heart!

and to top off my night alone, after the kiddos went to sleep i enjoyed my dinner of homemade tomato soup with garlic cheese toast and caesar salad while watching...don't laugh...step up 3! if you know me, you know i have dancing...and dancing movies, even if they are super cheesey. and boy was this one. but all the great dancing moves was worth all the cheese. if you love dancing too, i do recommend viewing. it has all kinds of dancing, even children doing things you only can dream of doing. it was pretty, well, amazing. kinda weird to say about a chessey dance movie, but really the dancing is a-maz-ing! i only wish i were not prego again just so i could go back to classes and get my groove on again. it's now been two years since i have danced any sort of hip hop routine class, and i truly crave it!

well hope your day as unordinary in a good way. mine sure was.

today i am incredibly grateful for...david horowitz who isn't afraid to speak the truth when it might not be "politically correct". thank you david for your truth speaking today.


Meems said...

LOVED reading you post... Even without pictures! Your mind is just as interesting as your eye and so its lovely to hear you create a picture with words.
Grateful for your unordinary day!
love you

Brittney Crooks said...

Oh my gosh that sounds like the most amazing night ever. Next time we hang out we should watch honey- the CHEESIEST dance movie ever. I can't tell you how many times I have seen step up no.1, though. Way too many.
Love you guys! - Britt