Friday, March 25, 2011

new frames

so i asked tg to make me new frames for the kids room. he had made me one last year for our anniversary and i just absolutely loved it. so i needed more. i hung them today and i love them.

for a closer look at what images i chose to put in them

have i mentioned i am full nesting mode. it started early with this pregnancy (i'm convinced it's because after two you realize you can't get much done so before you add another you must clean and reorganize your life!) and has come on full force. this was my first room to organize and clean and today after hanging these photos i can say it is complete...unless there's enough time to paint! bur for now... on to my room!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

trying out a new design

i've been wanting to redesign for over a year now but haven't. so tonight i am playing with a few ideas. we'll see what i come up with soon.
for now we will settle on this.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

are you ready?

for years i've been saying i need to get our household prepared in the event of an emergency. for us here in california that usually means, get earthquake prepared. but really this past year for me it's been more like, yes get earthquake prepared but also get food stored up just in case things go crazy with the economy and we can't go and easily get food like we are so used to being able to do. with watching this past week the japanese lining up for hours waiting for food and water, i said enough is enough and this week is it. so yesterday i stocked up on some of the basic items i think we should have just in case we are without fresh food for a few days. tomorrow i'm off to get water. not one i would have thought about, but after seeing the shortage you can have after a disaster like in japan, water should be the first thing you think of. i mean we use water for everything!

i will continue to stock our food storage as the weeks go on because don't know if you have noticed but food is getting more and more expensive as these crazy times keep on comin'. our coffee that we have been buying at costco has been the same price for years until this month. one bag of coffee has gone up $4 per bag in 1 week! and that's just one thing i've noticed. not sure what else is going to start going up, but i can imagine everything. with gas and diesel as high as it is and still creeping up week by week our food costs are going to creep up too i would imagine as trucks that bring our food will have to charge more just to pay for their fuel.

so my challenge to you today...are you ready? even if you aren't in an earthquake zone, are you ready for sky high groceries? maybe you should be thinking of getting ready. we are.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

funny new sentences

sunday night i was downstairs cleaning up the kitchen and miss r was in the living room while the boys were both upstairs getting ready for bed. miss r sighs and sits in her rocking chair and says :: it's been a long day mom. i'm gonna sit in my rocking chair. me :: really it's been a long day, as i'm trying to hold back all the laughter. she has never said this before and it is so darn cute i couldnt' stand it.
she starts rocking and says :: sing mom. so i begin to sing her rock a bye baby.

today we are driving home after a playdate with some friends. right as we pull into the driveway she lets out this big sigh and says :: it's been a long day at gavin's house mom.
again so adorable i can't help but laugh.

then after she wakes up from her nap she comes downstairs to the kitchen and says :: oh no! what a mess!
hayden woke up earlier than her and had destroyed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the floor of the kitchen so there were still some crumbs all over the floor i had yet to clean up.

:: one more ::
so tg came home for a quick lunch break to get something for someone out of our tahoe. when it was time for the kids and i to take an afternoon drive to costco i couldn't find my keys anywhere. so i mentioned to miss r that i need to call dad to see if he has my keys. after i call him and reminds me of the spare miss r gets on the phone with him and says :: hey dad, mom needs her tahoe keys!
again all i could do was laugh. she had such a strong tone and was really concerned that we couldn't go anywhere until we got those keys back.

all this to say miss r's communication is growing and growing with each day. she can put such great sentences together. now i just need to try and remember them and write them down.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sorry mom

today miss r said that to me after i cleaned up all the vomit she spewed all over me, herself and the floor.

i said :: no worries regs. that's what moms are for.

love you dear one.

today i am incredibly grateful for...the opportunity to be a mom. even if it means being thrown up on and then having to clean yourself, your child and the floor. still no greater joy. thank you Jesus for choosing me to be one.