Friday, March 25, 2011

new frames

so i asked tg to make me new frames for the kids room. he had made me one last year for our anniversary and i just absolutely loved it. so i needed more. i hung them today and i love them.

for a closer look at what images i chose to put in them

have i mentioned i am full nesting mode. it started early with this pregnancy (i'm convinced it's because after two you realize you can't get much done so before you add another you must clean and reorganize your life!) and has come on full force. this was my first room to organize and clean and today after hanging these photos i can say it is complete...unless there's enough time to paint! bur for now... on to my room!

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Scout and Blondie said...

AHH LOVE THESE. Love this post :)

That you are nesting, that taylor makes these killer frames and that they look like they were $100 a piece, those photos you took of the kids for valentines, their little room... i love it all!!