Wednesday, June 29, 2011

nesting :: downstairs bathroom

tired of seeing these yet?! this one is another great makeover....but this one about put it over the edge of being done with the projects. we are tired now and only have one more after this! the house sure feels more updated and almost ready for baby no 3. four and half more weeks til due date!! can't believe it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

biggest craving this pregnancy

well besides sweets, but trying to not eat too many of those.

is it bad that i ate half a watermelon today? i just can't get enough of it this pregnancy. ice cold and a little salt (i know really weird but a habit i picked up from my mom) and i am in heaven.

Friday, June 17, 2011

nesting :: kids bathroom makeover

nesting project number two completed. the kids bathroom has been redone thanks to my hubby!

here's their bathroom before

here's their bathroom now

my only dilemna now is do i spend the money on the shower curtain i want that would "complete" the bathroom? or do i just leave the functional one since it is the "kids" bathrooom? still trying to decide.

nesting project number three :: downstairs guest bathroom.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

happy birthday meems

happy birthday friend. oh how i love this picture of us as i feel as it can define the moment we all shared with you that day. your day of beauty and peace knowing you were marrying the man God created you!

meems you are such a dear friend. i love you much and am so thankful the Lord made you and let us be friends. my life is richer with your friendship. i am truly grateful to know you and to see your beauty shine shine shine. i love how we both love food, spicy baking in the sun with maui babe rubbed all over our bods...thirfting, although it is much funner to do it with you rather than and dreaming at time at your house with some tea...and just plain laughing and being goofy. i miss your laugh, sweet smile and your presence daily. selfishly i'd keep you here close to me but trust He has you where He does to bless others who get the privlege of knowing you.

love you sweet friend. can't wait til aug to see your beautiful face!!!

sending many your xoxoxoxoxo way!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

nesting :: master bath makeover

so the nesting continues. and let me tell you it hits strong with no 3! i think its because you know you won't be able to get anything done once baby arrives! last weekend hubby worked hard to get us a new looking bathroom. he amazingly did it in about twenty four hours too! once he gets a project going its hard for him to stop! (which is super nice for me, knowing we won't have projects lingering!)

check out our before bathroom

and now here's our made over bathroom

pretty nice!! super stoked that my man took his holiday weekend to get this done! we both love the transformation a little paint can do!

next on the list :: the kids bathroom! will keep you posted on that the finish of that one. operation starts tonight!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

thirty one weeks

only eight and a half weeks (give or take a few) til baby no 3 arrives!!
wow this has flown by!