Thursday, June 2, 2011

nesting :: master bath makeover

so the nesting continues. and let me tell you it hits strong with no 3! i think its because you know you won't be able to get anything done once baby arrives! last weekend hubby worked hard to get us a new looking bathroom. he amazingly did it in about twenty four hours too! once he gets a project going its hard for him to stop! (which is super nice for me, knowing we won't have projects lingering!)

check out our before bathroom

and now here's our made over bathroom

pretty nice!! super stoked that my man took his holiday weekend to get this done! we both love the transformation a little paint can do!

next on the list :: the kids bathroom! will keep you posted on that the finish of that one. operation starts tonight!


Scout and Blondie said...

Go TAY!!! WOW!! What a great upgrade. Looks really different and clean :D way to go!

Mama Hight said...

So you changed out the mirror after all looks so wonderful! LOVE the shower curtain and esp. love the black cabinets with the new pulls. Awesome job Taylor!

~j~ said...

Wow!! what a great hubby to do that for his bride! you two are a great team. LOVE the new bath reveal ;))

chanda said...

Beautiful!! Can't wait to hear about your new little one!!! I vote... girl :) Miss you guys!