Wednesday, July 20, 2011

burst full of energy

so for the past three days i have had the biggest burst of energy yet. there are times i have forgotten i am even thirty eight (yes thirty eight) weeks prego! here is a list of all i have accomplished without feeling too tired or low in the past five days!
can we say major nesting mode?!

  • set up our room to fit our birthing tub
  • rearranged the kids room
  • took the kids to the water park
  • help paint the kids "new" dresser
  • took the kids to their first movie theatre experience
  • took the kids to church (solo)
  • took the kids to dad's baseball game solo
  • helped put the hardware on the "new" dresser
  • helped clean off the back porch by removing old plants and getting rid of the sandbox
  • reorganized the kids clothes to fit in their new dresser
  • rearranged the kids room again to put the dresser in a good spot
  • had friends over for dinner
  • grocery store
  • five loads of laundry folded and put away
  • trip the park
  • work
  • got a new dishwasher installed so had to clean the kitchen after that
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • reorganized the closets to fit everything we need and remove all we don't
  • get a "giveaway" pile together
  • reorganized the junk drawers in the kitchen
  • beach day with the kids for a few hours
  • cleaned the floors
  • trip to costco to pick up prints
  • put the prints into their frames
  • trip to home depot to pick up last minute reorganizing materials for laundry room
  • finishing online traffic school (from a speeding ticket a few weeks back)
  • all the while taking care of the two kids and making breakfast lunch and dinner for all of us.
i know there is a bunch more i could include but it is all the little details that are our usual everyday life, like visiting friends and reading books and playing.

hoping this burst of energy is just the final last push before baby arrives so i can get all the little things finished and feel "ready"!

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Cristine said...

My generation called that 'nesting' and you sure nested BIG time!! I hope your body lets you rest now!!