Wednesday, November 2, 2011

food blog

so i have a few friends who love to know what we are eating for dinner here at the gibbons household or any new recipes i might have to share. so i've decided to try and keep up with our daily dinner eats. now i might not be able to actually write them all on the blog, but at least i'll get a picture up and some text. some of my recipes are not mine at all. i usually find them somewhere else and then tweak them. and some of our menu consists of the yummy food i might find at trader joes. either way i'll do my best to lead you in the right direction of where to get them.
so hope you enjoy.

heres what we have had this week. minus monday. (forgot to take a picture so no post about it.) but an added bonus of a lunch i made today.

pizza bianca with arugula and mixed green salad
pizza recipe found in everyday food magazine june 2011 issue

here's my little helper

stuffed portobello with mixed green salad
portobello recipe found in everyday food magazine october 2010 issue

steak bites with chimmirri rice

saute steak medallions with minced garlic, salt and pepper. rice is from trader joes freezer section. and flame grilled whole wheat handmade tortillas from tjs as well, buttered.

hopefully i can keep this up. i find it fun. hope you do too!


Scout and Blondie said...

This is really fun. Great Grub from the Gibbons!

Candace Kai said...

I get the Everyday Food mag. In the October issue on page 52 I made the Big Batch Three Cheese Macaroni. It was so good. We had it with steak the first night. Then saved the other half and made the Sausage and Spinach Alfredo. So good you should try it!