Sunday, November 6, 2011

::food post::

okay so thursday night's dinner was a bite of a disappointment. i purchased sweet potato gnocchi from trader joe's freezer didn't turn out well. we dont' have a microwave so we had to cook it on stovetop method. well all the gnocchi's fell apart and were mush...more like mashed sweet potatoes. you'd think it would still be good, which the flavor was, but when you are thinking gnocchi you aren't happy when you are just eating mashed potatoes. anyhow so here's the picture. you try and let me know if it turns out different for you.

sweet potato gnocchi with arugula salad and breadsticks

friday we joined friends at a campfire. so no meal to share. and the rest of the weekend was a fend for yourself kind of weekend. this week i'll share more of what we are eating.

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Candace Kai said...

I made this and some of the gnocchi stuck together but not as bad as yours. I cooked it in a pan too. I really enjoyed it. We had it with chicken and it was really good.