Wednesday, November 28, 2012

princess tea party

here are a few images from miss rea mae's princess tea party to celebrate her four years of life! due to the rain i threw the party inside. i made princess tiaras from lace and painted them pink (birthday girl got gold) and sprinkled them with lots of glitter. each princess received one tiara, a butterfly ring, a pink boa and rea mae and i made sure the left with a little art to remind them of their value to the King of all Kings. i took the same paper that i  made her invites from and glued them to canvas'. little miss served her princess friends tea and they all ate pb and honey sandwiches cut in the shape of a tiara, fruit cups and kettle corn. instead of cupcakes or a cake we celebrated with trader joes mini ice cream cones. i also had a little butterfly cut out for them to decorate with glitter glue and sparkles. at one point all the little princesses migrated upstairs while the mommies enjoyed our own tea and quiche brunch and they had a little dance party. we also had her toy trunk full of all her princess dresses to share with anyone who wanted to dress up. they all put one on and then would exchange about five minutes later. it was for sure a "girl" party! it was quite cute. rea mae certainly enjoyed the whole princess tea party and having all her princess friends over to enjoy tea! 

Click here to enjoy a slideshow of the morning.

Friday, November 16, 2012

four years

four years ago today i became a mom to a special little girl. she has been our joy ever since. we love you miss rea mae and we can't believe you are four already!! click here to view our little one four years ago!